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We are all on our own wellness journey.

Functional Nutrition was founded to help people achieve their personal best, reduce confusion in the weight loss space and reduce the epidemic of lifestyle-related disease.

Across the United States, more than one in three adults and one in six children (ages 2-19) are obese. Obesity rates have doubled among adults and more than tripled among children since the 1980s. These statistics are staggering and, here at Functional Nutrition, it’s our mission to do our part to reverse the trend.

By design, each of us are unique and have our own story. Our biological needs are diverse and fluctuate with age and activity. Utilizing The Functional Nutrition approach to weight loss, we can achieve lasting success with better health along the way.

Your story begins with testing. Knowing how your body handles food, which foods your body does or does not function well with is invaluable and critical for your long-term success.

We combine this with knowing exactly how much you need to begin, sustain, and prolong your journey to achieve your goals. It's not rocket science, it’s basic human science applied to your body.


Functional Nutrition eliminates the unnecessary over-complication and restriction of many current "diet-of-the-month" programs.

The reality is there’s no long-lasting quick fix. Our goal for you is that you'll never have to diet again. Long-term FN wins!



It’s NOT easy to do, but it IS simple to follow.

When you're ready to stop "yo-yo" dieting and chasing miracle pills, foods or ancient herbs- we're here for you.

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