My Functional Nutrition Story

I have been in and around the weight-loss, body-building and fitness industry/community for the last twenty years. I’ve witnessed the never ending, never ceasing in-flow of miracle herbs, diet pills, exercise craziness, the all grapefruit diet, the no fruit diet, the all fat, the no fat, the low fat, the caveman diet, juice cleanses and colonics. What I have figured out is surprising, but they all actually work. Those are all real “diets”, real approaches to weight loss and weight management that I’ve heard about in the last couple months. You can use any of them and lose weight. Obviously, MY FN story doesn’t stop there, though.

Throughout Chiropractic school as I learned about how the body works I viewed it all through the lens of an all-around amateur athlete and fitness guy. Truthfully, I never had typical struggle with weight. My struggle was with being a kid working his butt off in the gym and never really feeling like I looked like I worked as hard as did. I came out of school with a solid understanding of nutrition and biomechanics and my wife (also a Chiropractor) started our practice around helping people. We quickly realized that much of the pain complaints patients were coming in with were related to weight. We could help them a lot with chiropractic care, but we couldn’t help as much as we wanted with weight management. We knew what to do, but conveying it in a simple way was difficult. Early on in practice we helped many patients lose weight by using shakes and supplements. This worked well in the short term, but they were not having the long-term, permanent effects we were hoping for.

As we dialed in our protocol and polished our interpersonal skills we began to understand how patients needed to hear the information best. This was a realization to us, that weigh loss needs to simply be a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. This places healthy living firmly at the top of each goal list we fulfil. Patients were able to shift their mindset to long-term, long lasting change. This was a major turning point for our program. We don’t want to be the place that provides a “30-day solution”, there are no 30-day solutions. You can get a nice start in 30-days, but that’s not even close to what’s needed. This realization helped us to understand and shift our own mindset.

Getting away from the supplement heavy, special shakes, bars, food delivery approach freed us and our patients to focus on education. We heavily incorporate the proverbial ‘teach to fish, vs provides the fish’ approach. I had to learn this for myself. I spent many years chasing the newest diet, or workout program and hoping that someone had discovered the secret. We know the secret to successful, long-term, weight management and body composition change, and it doesn’t come in a package delivered to your door. It comes from you. You have to have it with you at all times and this takes time and some help to get there.

I want this to be the last program you’ll ever need. I want us to do our job so well that you don’t need us anymore. If you’re reading this then chances are your reality is surrounded by food. Anytime you want it, you can have as much as you want in whatever caloric form you want. For many of us food is constant. I’m will to bet, that within 30 minutes of right now you could be eating a large pepperoni pizza, drinking a glass of Pepsi and wondering which type of ice-cream you’re going to have for desert.  If that’s your thing, that’s cool, but based on the fact you’re reading this my guess is that it’s not. The point I’m trying to make is that you need to know how much fuel your body needs to do what your body needs to do. That is the basis for every single diet on the planet. What you put in, versus what you use. A Fucntional Nutrition program delivers results by first determining what you should/should not eat based on your food test. Then uses tracked and measurable data to determine exactly how much you need to eat and when you need to eat it.

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